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Southern “Sweet” Tea


Tea Bags
We use Lipton, and I use the decaf stuff, but the hubby makes his own with caffeine
Not the cheap stuff, this is something to splurge on

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Yuup, I said it, stevia.  From the time I started using stevia, I have loved it and think it tastes like sugar.  I have noticed no aftertaste, no funny business, you use a dropper and select the perfect amount of sweetness that you like.  Here is the key..get good stevia, don’t get the cheap stuff.  A little goes a long way and if you go cheap, you will not be happy.  There has only been one time when we didn’t get the good stuff and NOPE, we won’t be doing that again.  We use the generic 365 Stevia from whole foods and we get the large bottle and pour it into a smaller bottle and just use the dropper whenever we want sweet tea without all the sugar and calories.