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Chuck Roast (3.5 pounds)
Chop into smaller pieces for ease of cooking
Chop into smaller pieces for ease of cooking
Half an Onion
Celery (4 stalks)
Rosemary (2 or 3 sprigs with the leaves pulled of the stems)
Thyme (2 or 3 pieces seperated from the stems)
Beef Stock (1.5 to 2 boxes)

Preparation mode:

It is fall, have you eaten a roast yet?  If not don’t worry, I can help you make a great roast.  I made one yesterday and honestly, it is the best one I have made. 

 First, get the roast to room temperature.  After that, salt and pepper the outside of the meat and then place into the roasting pan that you have pre-heated on your cooktop.  The reason behind this is to brown the meat. 

Side note…When I began cooking I would see the instruction to brown the meat and I would think I should just get the color to change.  I thought if I let it take long enough to actually brown the meat then that meant I was cooking it.  I was wrong, don’t be like me…brown the meat J

After you have browned all sides of the meat, then add in your chopped carrots, potatoes, celery and onions.  Then chop the rosemary and thyme and spread this around the top of the meat and vegetables.  Next take your containers of beef stock and pour it into your pot.  The cooking pot I selected was a Dutch oven and it has these neat little nubs on the bottom of the top that goes on the pan.  You can see it in the photos I have placed. 


Those little nubbins (Friends reference; couldn’t help myself) are to “self-baste” what you are cooking.  The magic that happens in a roast happen in part if you don’t open the lid too much and allow the moisture out of the cooking pot.  I let this cook very low in the oven for about 8 hours.  You can also use this same recipe in a slow cooker, and cook it on low overnight or during the day when you are gone at work.  Please know that not all slow cookers work the same you may want to adjust your time based on how hot your low setting cooks. 

IMG_0348 IMG_0353