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Italian Bagel Sandwich


As much as you like
I like to ask the deli to shave ham. It is your choice, but for me the thinner the cut the better
As much as you like
As much as you like
Swiss Cheese
Red Onion
Bagel (Toasted)
Italian Salad Dressing
Pour it on top of the meat and cheese as you have assembled inside of the bagel.

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When the hubby and I were stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming, we enjoyed a restaurant that specialized in bagel sandwiches.  The interesting thing is all their meat and cheese were subway meat and cheese.  We could see the subway label on the packaging, but I digress.  We both loved the Italian Bagel, and the best thing is you can customize it.  I realize this is nothing I have cooked but I figure some of you may be like me.  I need to find a core inspiration piece and to the build on it so that the food is how I like it.  This is why I am sharing this sammich.  I like a plan bagel, you may like an onion or cheese bagel.  I don’t like onions on my sandwich but my husband does.  Feel free to mix it up but do try it, it is pretty yummy!  This is also a great option when you don’t want to cook but also don’t want to eat out.