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Homemade BBQ Sauce


1 Cups
Pick which kind you prefer, I like to use something that is organic because there are less freaky ingredients
2 Tablespoons
The tablespoons are an estimate
White vinegar
Just a splash
You can also use apple cider vinegar
Brown Sugar
As much as you like
Red Pepper Falkes
as much as you like
Chipotle (ground)
As much as you like
I use this to add some flavor and smokiness but be careful not to add too much or it may kind of light your mouth on fire
A good squeeze
This is also as much as you like
Salt and Pepper
To your taste

Preparation mode:

After you mix all these ingredients together into a pot, warm it until it thickens nicely on your stove top at a low heat.  Then apply to what ever you like!

Here is the background to this BBQ sauce…


A couple of years ago I decided I no longer wanted to purchase BBQ sauce anymore.  I got this thought that I could make my own and then I would know exactly what was going into it.  I don’t like high fructose corn syrup and that stuff is added to EVERYTHING.  Don’t get me started on the commercials that support it.  GRRRR

ANYHOO, I looked up a recipe and found one on the food network’s website but it was just far too vinegary for my taste.  Since then I have been experimenting to make my own and honestly it is kind of amazing.  Start off with a cup or two of your preferred ketchup and add different seasonings and spices to get the blend you want.

When I became an adult I had no idea that you could make things like BBQ sauce on your own.  I now know that I can, it doesn’t cost me any real money other than what I already have in my pantry and I can feel much better about what is in my BBQ sauce.