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Cranberry Mimosas

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This recipe is pretty dang easy.  If you are of legal age and drinking is legal where you live, take a bottle of your favorite champagne, and a bottle of your favorite cranberry juice.  Take a champagne flute and fill 3/4 of the way with champagne and then add your cranberry juice, after that drink….BUT DON’T DRIVE!!!


The argument for Dom Perignon. I am allergic to sulfites, and I learned that wine can give me a screaming migraine in about 15 minutes.  While sulfites naturally occur in wines, you will find they are added in the United States to stabilize the beverage, a practice that is illegal in Europe.  SOOOOOOO if you are anything like me, you can use this argument to get yummy, yummy DOM!

Cranberry Mimosas

Happy Thanksgiving!!!