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Cilantro Lime Rice


As much as you like
About a hand full
Chop into small bits
The amount of limes used will depend on your personal taste as well as your limes.

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One day a co-worker introduced me to the world of Chipotle.  What really made me love their food was the cilantro lime rice,  I wanted to swim in it.  I honestly love Chipotle, but I love cooking for our family better.  One of the reasons I love cooking for our family is because I know exactly what is going in our food because we made it.

I’ve read all sorts of sites on how to make the rice just like Chipotle’s but I don’t personally see the need to add oil to my rice (a common thread that is mentioned by people who work there).


To make the rice, we cook our rice in a rice cooker, and when done we throw a handful of cilantro into the steaming rice and then cut up fresh limes and then use a lime juicer to squeeze the juice.  For the latest rendition of this recipe, we started off with two cups of uncooked rice, and used two limes.  Sometimes we may need three limes, or even six.  After adding the juice of one whole lime, mix it up and then taste.  If you have enough for your liking, GREAT…if not, add more lime.


For the specifics of cooking your rice, follow the directions on your bag of rice.  We live in a high altitude and that impacts our cooking and the amount of water.


You will really enjoy this recipe if you taste as you go along.

Happy eating!