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Chipotle Mayonnaise


As much as you like
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
As many as you as you like

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I remember seeing something called “Mexican Street Tacos” a few years back and when the hubby and I went to Las Vegas we were actually able to try some, and it was amazing.  Maybe it was the tequila, but I think it was just the corn.  Something that I feel made this recipe extra special was the chipotle mayo that was spread onto of the fire roasted corn.  The corn was then topped with cotija cheese and then a fresh squeeze of lime topped it all of. I will post how we have re-created this new favorite in the future but for now lets focus on the chipotle mayo.  It is in a word…amazing, fantastic, yummy (oops, that was three words)!


Take as much mayo as you want, and place it into a blender.  On top of the mayo (the order isn’t really important it is just how I do it) then place a few chipotle peppers and a little bit of the sauce in the blender, then mix until the peppers and sauce are integrated into the mayonnaise.  You can honestly do this to your personal taste.  Some may like it spicier than others.  The color you see in the photo is the color we work to get, so that we get the heat we desire.  I wonder what other flavored dipping sauces I can make with mayo…any ideas?