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Bakin’ Bacon


As much as you like

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This is more of a how to vs a recipe.  We learned a long time ago that frying bacon in a pan is completely unnecessary (unless if you are using it to flavor or as a base for something else you are cooking).  The steps that I have listed below create the best

Baking bacon allows you to have the bacon cooking while you work on making the rest of your breakfast, dance around in your pjs or sip your coffee.


1) Take a baking sheet and line it with aluminum foil.

2) Take the bacon out of its packaging and place it onto the baking sheet, careful not to add too much.  If your bacon is overlapping, you won’t get the same desired result.  If you have the rack insert that goes with your baking sheet, place the bacon onto of the rack insert (so long as it is oven safe).

3) Stick the bacon into a cold oven and turn it on to 400 degrees

4) You can flip the bacon at around 10 minutes (if you don’t it won’t ruin the bacon)

5) Start looking for the bacon to be nice and crispy at around the 18-20 minute mark based on your oven.

6) Remove and eat the YUMMY BACON (after you have drained the excess bacon grease, we use paper towels) !




Bacon1The bacon that we used in this "how to" is black forrest bacon that we purchased from Whole Foods.  They have an amazing selection of artisanal bacons that we highly recommend trying if you have a Whole Foods and it meets your budget.  Their bacon is rather pricy but we feel it is worth it.