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4th of July Ribs


Spare Ribs or St. Louis style ribs
2 slabs
you can use baby back ribs
Wood chunks (hickory)
1/2 Pounds
soaked in water for 30 minutes

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Hi Everyday Foodies and Happy Fourth of July!  What better way to celebrate our nation's Independence than BBQ.  I'm not talking about any old BBQ, I'm talking about ribs.  The ribs I made I smoked for 6 hours until they were so juicy they were nearly falling off the bone.  Nearly?!?!  Yes nearly.  The perfect rib stays on the bone with a little bite to it and with the recipe I used, that is exactly what it did.

I happen to own one of the best smokers out there; the Big Green Egg.  It's a ceramic egg shaped smoker that seals in heat for hours allow your meat to become mind blowing tender.  There are many ways people suggest to cook their ribs but the one I found to be best for me is the 3-2-1 method.  Let me explain.

Ribs and Rub

I used a rub I borrowed from Bobby Flay and adjusted it a little for our tastes.  Here's his recipe.  Here's ours.

Heat your smoker to 225 - 250 degrees.

Add your favorite wood chips or chunks.  (I used hickory chunks soaked in water for 30 minutes about a half pound.)  It should start smoking in a couple minutes.

Set your smoker for indirect heat (my Big Green Egg has a ceramic plate between the fire and grill for this purpose.)

Allow your smoker to get back to 225-250 degrees.

I have a rib rack that I place my ribs on and then on top of the grill.

Place the ribs on the rack and DO NOT open for 3 hours.  (This is the "3" in the 3-2-1 method.  I think you know where I'm going with this).

Periodically check the temperature gauge to ensure it's the right temp.

Ribs on Egg

After (and only after) 3 hours, get some aluminum foil, pull out the ribs and wrap them up sealing the ribs)

Put the ribs back on the rack for another undisturbed 2 hours.  (I think you are getting it now.)

When the 2 hours are up, remove ribs from smoker and remove the foil.  The ribs should start to show a little receding off the bone.  Place ribs back on the rack for another hour.

Remove ribs and they should be nearly falling off the bone as long as you kept your temperatures in the correct range.  If your smoker was a little hot, you may want to remove the ribs sooner than an hour.

I have had a lot of ribs in my life and these are the best I have ever ate.   The wife normally can't stand ribs but these make her mouth water just thinking about ti.  Happy Smoking and enjoy the holiday!

BBQ Ribs