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Believe it or not, one of the most valuable tools in our kitchen is our Amazon Echo. There has been so many times while preparing a recipe and our hands are covered in yuk and need to find an answer to “how many teaspoons in a tablespoon” or “how many cups in a quart.” You just ask Alexa and she will give you the correct answer every time! The Echo is a universal tool for your everyday life and for an everyday foodie. When cooking you can tell “Alex set a timer for 10 mins” and she will say “setting a timer for 10 minutes.” Ten minutes later the timer will go off as planned and not letting you burn whatever you got going on in the oven. She can multi-task too. You can ask her to play music from Amazon or Pandora, set a timer, and ask her multiple questions all hands free while you are cooking your favorite recipe. One of our favorite features is the shopping list feature. You tell Alexa to add each ingredient you need to the shopping list and it appears on the Alexa app allowing you to be ready for your next trip to the store. There are many, many uses for the Amazon Echo and use the Amazon Echo every day and we can’t imagine how we functioned without it before. Check it out!
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We bought the Echo during the first release and have not been disappointed. We use it just about everyday for multiple day-to-day activities in the house especially in the kitchen. We don't know how we lived without it. We highly recommend it!

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