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We have brought back the featured blogger to everydayfoodies.com !  We are so excited to bring you Klara Donovan of herhappyheart.com which is super cool because there is a team of bloggers but this interview focuses on Klara, all the way from Perth, in Western Australia!

Klara Donovan


Take a look below and learn a little more about Klara and herhappyheart.com

What got you started blogging about food?

I have loved cooking for years, and I am a mad follower of many food blogs! A big part of it was simply looking at the food blogs that I loved, and saying “I want to do what they do!” It seemed like the perfect way to challenge myself creatively in the kitchen and share my cooking successes with the world.

How do you develop your recipes?  Is it something that you naturally do or do you take long loved recipes and adapt them to your new flavor profile goals?

I take all kinds of approaches! Sometimes I tweak our tried-and-true family recipes, sometimes I eat something at a café that I want to recreate, sometimes I fixate on an ingredient and brainstorm interesting ways to use it. Sometimes it’s just a random thought trail! For example, when I created my chicken nacho pie recipe, it was because I had nothing planned for dinner one night, and I looked in my fridge and saw a bunch of ingredients that could be used in a Mexican dish. I had recently pinned a classic pot pie recipe, so pie was in my head! And from there my thought process went: “I could make a Mexican pot pie… with a layer of cheese… no, a nacho cheese sauce… mmm nachos… Oh! I could put corn chips in it and make it taste like nachos… and I could put cheese in the crust… Ooo! And jalapeno!”

What is your favorite recipe on your site?

I don’t think I will ever love a recipe more than my raspberry chocolate brownies with balsamic mascarpone! That recipe is an example of a family favourite that I’ve baked about a thousand times, and have tweaked over the years. It never fails to delight my friends and family!

LINK TO RECIPE: http://www.herhappyheart.com/raspberry-chocolate-pocket-brownies-with-balsamic-mascarpone/

What advice would you have for new food bloggers?

I never knew how much work food blogging, and blogging in general, truly is! Developing a recipe and writing a post is probably only about 30% of the work, when you factor in styling, photography, photo editing and promotion – but these things are all completely worthwhile if you truly want your recipes seen by others.

Are you working on any new projects that you would like to share?

I have a running list in my phone entitled “Recipes to Create” so I always have something on the go. At the moment I am really focusing on lifting my food styling and photography game so that when I post a recipe, it looks as good as possible. I consider myself a creative person but these particular things don’t come naturally to me at all! It’s a fun learning experience though.

We hope you enjoyed this featured blogger and let us know if you, or someone you know would like to be our next featured blogger on everydayfoodies.com , email us at rayett@everydayfoodies.com

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