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Mother of 4 and about to be a "glam a"... (To young to be a Grandma) :0)
Born and happily raised in Spain, married a handsome Persian Prince 33 years ago and moved to Canada in search for a better life, which eventually happened... ??
My cultural diversity has given me the chance to experience very different dietary styles. Persian food is what I followed and I raised my children with. It's wholesome and healthy ingredients and processes are without a doubt my family's #1 pick. The Mediterranean-Spanish cuisine provides us with many fresh and sophisticated meals, specially during the summer months. I followe my moms recipes, basic and traditional but all full of memories to me. North American recipes have fulfilled our hunger the best, specially. During the lazy days... its high protein-high flavour options are our teen's favourite of course, but the best have been the loafs and the pies. ?
Although I'm currently exploring vegetarianism for myself, I still cook meat for my family and I would love to share some of our favourite dishes with "everyday foodies" as well as some vegeteria ones, of course.

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