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I am the co-founder of everydayfoodies.com and I am so excited that you all are here to join on this exciting journey with us!

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World’s Easiest Roast Chicken
On our 21st anniversary, we went to Denver and stayed at a fancy pants hotel with a fancy pants restaurant and I…
July 30, 2017307 viewsDinner
We purchased a brisket and I decided I wanted to come up with one of those super popular, here is an amazingly…
May 28, 2017174 viewsDinner
Super Soft Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
As usual, I google recipes non-stop and then come up with my own variations, bake and see.  This recipe was cooked at…
May 28, 2017267 viewsDessert
Sonoma Chicken Salad (well my version anyway)
I am guessing I should be called the absent minded foodie instead of being part of the everydayfoodies team.  As a self…
May 8, 2017360 viewsLunch
Julia Child’s Pommes Anna or as I like to call it…TATER PIE!
One would think with so few ingredients, this would be so easy!  WRONG.  I should take you back to where you begin…
March 9, 2017488 viewsSide Dish
A different take on Ina Garten’s AMAZING Brownies (Chocolate, Cherry, Orange)
Brownies from scratch, adapted from Ina Garten’s Brownie Recipe Baking is one area where I need to start with a base recipe. …
February 17, 2017546 viewsDessert
Amazing and Easy Chipotle Potato Soup
Hi Everyone!  This recipe was inspired by one my husband sent me.  I don’t really like following others recipes identically and tend…
February 17, 2017539 viewsDinner
Chocolate, Orange, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cream together the butter and sugar, after mixed well then add the eggs, one at a time.  Then add the bourbon, vanilla…
November 16, 2016641 viewsDessert
Yuup, I said it, stevia.  From the time I started using stevia, I have loved it and think it tastes like sugar.…
July 1, 2016611 viewsBrunch
Cherry Cobbler
Hi Everyday Foodies!  Here is another recipe that is a no brainer.  This is our second attempt at making a cherry cobbler. …
July 1, 20161282 viewsDessert
Boil your potatoes until they are done (fork tender and when you bite into the potato it tastes done).  Then drain and…
July 1, 2016432 viewsSide Dish
Easy “Grilled” Chicken
Ok foodies this recipe cannot be any easier.  This recipe will start off in your oven and end up on the grill. …
July 1, 2016738 viewsDinner
Strawberry and Lime Tequila Soda (Must be legal of age and where you live)
This is the drink of the summer and we foresee it more in the future.  We are not normally tequila drinkers.  You…
July 1, 2016687 viewsAppetizers
Cilantro Lime Rice
One day a co-worker introduced me to the world of Chipotle.  What really made me love their food was the cilantro lime rice,  I…
March 29, 20161162 viewsSide Dish
Cabbage Lasagna (Low Carb Friendly)
We take small oven safe bowls and start to create the lasagna the way that you would with noodles, but we use…
March 26, 20165181 viewsDinner
Bakin’ Bacon
This is more of a how to vs a recipe.  We learned a long time ago that frying bacon in a pan…
March 26, 20161618 viewsBreakfast
Chipotle Mayonnaise
I remember seeing something called “Mexican Street Tacos” a few years back and when the hubby and I went to Las Vegas…
March 22, 20161356 viewsSide Dish
Faux Giblet Gravy
Growing up I loved the flavor of giblet gravy but the idea of eating the giblets grossed me out.  I would painstakingly pick…
December 15, 20152146 viewsSide Dish
Southern Cornbread Dressing
After you have shredded the chicken, melted the butter and cut up the eggs in tiny little pieces, mix it all together…
December 15, 20153883 viewsSide Dish
Cranberry Mimosas
This recipe is pretty dang easy.  If you are of legal age and drinking is legal where you live, take a bottle…
November 26, 2015867 views
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