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I am the co-founder of everydayfoodies.com and I am so excited that you all are here to join on this exciting journey with us!

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A different take on Ina Garten’s AMAZING Brownies (Chocolate, Cherry, Orange)
Brownies from scratch, adapted from Ina Garten’s Brownie Recipe Baking is one area where I need to start with a base recipe. …
February 17, 20171212 viewsDessert
Amazing and Easy Chipotle Potato Soup
Hi Everyone!  This recipe was inspired by one my husband sent me.  I don’t really like following others recipes identically and tend…
February 17, 20171198 viewsDinner
2am Chili
The link I have added to this is where I got the base for this recipe. I have added a few extra…
April 8, 20163257 viewsDinner
Cilantro Lime Rice
One day a co-worker introduced me to the world of Chipotle.  What really made me love their food was the cilantro lime rice,  I…
March 29, 20161534 viewsSide Dish
Cabbage Lasagna (Low Carb Friendly)
We take small oven safe bowls and start to create the lasagna the way that you would with noodles, but we use…
March 26, 20166613 viewsDinner
Bakin’ Bacon
This is more of a how to vs a recipe.  We learned a long time ago that frying bacon in a pan…
March 26, 20162100 viewsBreakfast
Potato Yummies
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400F until you can pierce easily with a fork (tends to be between 10 and 15…
March 23, 20161197 viewsSide Dish
Chipotle Mayonnaise
I remember seeing something called “Mexican Street Tacos” a few years back and when the hubby and I went to Las Vegas…
March 22, 20161829 viewsSide Dish
Cheese Cake
Crust: In a bowl, combine wafer crumbs, power sugar cocoa and butter.  To get a better mixture, mix with hands.  Press onto…
March 18, 20162132 viewsDessert
Cowboy Salsa
1) Mix together tomatoes, onions, cilantro, black beans, and corn. 2) Stir in lime juice and essential oils. Use 2 drops of…
October 14, 20153652 viewsAppetizers
It is fall, have you eaten a roast yet?  If not don’t worry, I can help you make a great roast.  I…
September 28, 20152923 viewsDinner
French Toast
Take the eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon and mix.  It will have a much darkened color. Slice the challa bread into the sizes…
September 28, 20153527 viewsBreakfast
Chili (With Beans)
I really love this recipe. The thing that makes this recipe really great is that it is an amazing base.  It isn’t…
September 24, 20153074 viewsDinner
Italian Bagel Sandwich
When the hubby and I were stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming, we enjoyed a restaurant that specialized in bagel sandwiches.  The interesting thing…
September 19, 20154946 viewsDinner
Put water, sage, chicken bouillon and onion powder in glass measuring cup. Put in microwave and cook for 1 minute. Mix cream…
September 18, 20157183 viewsAppetizers
Sorry I don’t have a photo of the cole slaw, but I will come back and update as soon as I can…
September 17, 20153474 viewsSide Dish
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