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I am the co-founder of everydayfoodies.com and I am so excited that you all are here to join on this exciting journey with us!

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When we went to the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen Colorado, we learned a bit about fancy tequilas in this great little restaurant called "Su Casa." This place offered a house made margarita and started at $7 and went up to $18.00 so I wanted to taste this tequila. We learned about aging tequila and what it means for the smoothness of the drink. When we got home we purchased the El Tesoro Tequila and I will never go back. There is no after bite and there is no funky tequila smell that you find with the tequila you drank when you first came to legal drinking age. When you smell this tequila out of the bottle it ALMOST smells like a wine. So get the best you can afford, good tequila is worth the cost. It is quite simply magnificent.
Raye commented on Cheese Cake 22 March 2016, 01:24
Looks amazing!
cooper123 commented on Cowboy Salsa 30 October 2015, 01:35
This looks great and thank you for sharing! Can you use the essential oil if you don't have the juice on hand? Like with the lime juice?
cooper123 commented on Awesome dip mix 18 September 2015, 01:11
I will have to try this out! Thank you so much for posting!
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