It’s all about you, I mean the food, I mean you and the food 😀

Gosh another website?  Another food website and why on earth   should you look at this one, or even become a member?


You see all different types of food inspiration ideas on the Internet but you get overwhelmed, I mean what on earth does it even mean to julienne an onion?  Isn’t that a woman’s name?

You want a place to chat with others in a safe place where you can ask questions, and learn and flourish with your new confidence in knowing that you can cook that meal.

You are already a foodie but you love sharing with others and you want to share your recipes.

You want to be a part of building a community of foodies that can share recipes, guidance, ideas, and inspiration.  You can be a part of creating a community that inspires, creates skills and allows you to share your recipes, (failures and successes) and to help others while they are growing their kitchen skills.

This is why we created EverydayFoodies.com!

We believe that anyone can be a great cook; you just need the support of like-minded people.  A very smart lady once told me, we may not know everything, but we all know someone who may know the answers.

When you become a member of EverydayFoodies.com you will find inspiration and the courage to make amazing recipes and to create your own.

You can also communicate with other members by commenting or asking questions on their recipes or find support in the forums where you can ask for feedback, clarification or just start a fun food conversation.

Finally EVERYONE is welcome, we welcome the beginners, the bloggers, the culinary experts, anyone who wants to share knowledge and inspiration in the kitchen.  If you are a blogger, you can feel free to link your website to the recipes that you post here.



Well a couple of reasons, but the first is because we are creating a community where people are encouraged to become the best version of themselves in their kitchens.  We are all about empowerment to you.  If we did not require membership, then let’s face it, spam would run rampant on this site.  We get it, another membership, to another site, more emails, it can just be far too much.  We will always listen to your concerns and make adjustments where necessary.

Becoming a member YAAAAY!  WELCOME!  We can’t wait to become great friends!!

To become a member, this means going up to the upper right part of the page, select sign in and then register. Don't worry we will not spam you with crazy stuff, we will only send cool new recipes or discussions.  Also we will NEVER sell your email address so that others can spam you because SPAM SUCKS!


Allow me to introduce myself and my husband

We are accidental foodies brought together by fate and the Air Force.  We both have a background of little to no cooking growing up and when we were exposed to food from other countries we became inspired to learn and create our own versions of meals we have shared over the years. Twenty years later, we are still married and still learning in our kitchen.  We don’t claim to know it all, we google, watch youtube videos and ask others how do make things work when we are unsure…my last search was for the best way to pit a cherry, it may seem so obvious to others but hey, I had never done it with 5 cups and I wanted an easy way, now I make cherry cobbler from scratch and I have not heard any complaints, everyone is too busy eating stuffing their faces with that cobbler!

Now that you know us (or at least know us a little better), do you wanna chat??

We are so excited to have you as a member of EverydayFoodies.com and we would love to hear from you on how else we may improve your experience or how much you are enjoying this community.  We are still a very new site and are always open to inputs on how we can improve.  Also, let us know if you have any more general questions or have some burning question that you don’t want to put in the forums, but still need to have answered. 

Email us at rayett@everydayfoodies.com or jeremy@everydayfoodies.com and we will personally respond.

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